482 Constitution Way, Suite B-11, P.O. Box 1522, Idaho Falls, ID 83403

Come, associate with others who share fiber art interests!

Our members are spinners and weavers from beginner through experienced and professional. Through our organization, we improve and share our skills. Guild members enjoy and learn about other fiber arts such as felting, basketry, and dyeing. Our members have interest in a wide variety of related areas such as knitting, tapestry, rug making, beading, fiber crafts, and making lace.


The Weaving, Spinning & Fiber Art Guild of Idaho Falls began as the Weavers Guild in May of 1977.


The Guild newsletter Rovings, Ravelings and Thrums is published monthly.

Study Groups

The Guild has several study groups that meet monthly to discuss their craft, plan projects, discuss trends, and enjoy camraderie among fellow artists.

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We would love to have you join us! Guild membership has many benefits.

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