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A Weaver’s Garden

This class was taught at the 2016 Snake River Fiber Fair. This page is provided for informational purposes only.

A Weaver’s Garden taught by Joan Contraman

Beginner to Intermediate, ability to warp your loom and read a weaving pattern

Each student will receive a notebook with over 30 different treadling patterns on the thousand flower draft, the beginning of overshot. This class encourages students to explore unconventional patterns on a well-known draft. Students will work on their own looms sampling different patterns in class and finish their samples at home. There will be a discussion of different weaving pattern books. Students will have time to do their own experimentation and learn some tips and tricks.

Students should bring a four-harness warped loom. Warp should be smooth and a solid light color and can be made from any fiber. A variety of weft threads and a pen for taking notes. Students will receive warping directions upon registration.

Joan will provide notebook with over 30 different treadling patterns.