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Meet the Boucles, a Loopy Side of the Yarn Family

This class was taught at the 2016 Snake River Fiber Fair. This page is provided for informational purposes only.

Meet the Boucles, a Loopy Side of the Yarn Family taught by Lonna Alexander-Steele

Boucle, a word from the French meaning to curl or buckle, is defined as a style of yarn usually consisting of three strands, one of which is less taut, creating a looped or curly texture, also as a fabric made from such yarn. Terry cloth is a good example.

This class will discuss how to produce traditional boucles, loose and tight loop boucles, bunched boucles, and double strand boucles. We will discuss the uses for boucle yarns, some of the best fibers to produce the various types of boucles and how to design or alter projects using boucles.

Students need to bring a spinning wheel, several bobbins, all accessories, oil and a kate if you have one. Students may bring any spun singles that they have at the time, second hand store yarns and threads. Note taking materials and labeling materials may be needed.

Lonna will bring some rovings, singles, core threads, samples, an extra wheel and tools, some finish threads inclusive of metallic’s and novelties.