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Something’s Batty with My Yarns

This class was taught at the 2016 Snake River Fiber Fair. This page is provided for informational purposes only.

Something’s Batty with My Yarns taught by Lonna Alexander-Steele

Student must be able to spin a continuous yarn and understand the workings of the wheel that they will use in class.

This class will explore the variety of ways to spin a batt into a yarn and the processes to produce unique and fun batts to share, spin or sell.
We will discuss how to “tear down” a batt for use, how to make roving from a batt, and the best way to spin batts for worsted or woolen style yarns.

We will explore how to prepare batts on handcards, drum carders and on blending boards, and explore the best ways to mix and blend fibers in a batt.

Students should bring a spinning wheel, several bobbins, all accessories, oil and a kate if you have one. Students may bring handcards blending boards or small carding machines, any interesting fibers or bits and any batts they may have. Note taking materials and labeling materials may be needed.

Lonna will bring a few handcards for loan, a large electric carder, a blending board and clamps, some bits and fibers for blending and carding several prepared batts, extension cord, handouts, assorted dowels and spray bottles and extra spinning wheel and tools.