482 Constitution Way, Suite B-11, P.O. Box 1522, Idaho Falls, ID 83403


The Weaving, Spinning & Fiber Art Guild of Idaho Falls began as the Weavers Guild in May of 1977.

The Guild rents a fiber arts studio in downtown Idaho Falls at 482 Constitution Street, Suite B-11. The studio building is located at the end of Constitution, across the street from the Bonneville County Courthouse. Access is through the side entrance; the studio is downstairs. Parking is available in the adjacent lot near the side entrance. To the left of the door there is a buzzer that rings in the studio. Ringing the buzzer will bring someone to open the door. For access to the studio at times when it is not being used for Guild functions, contact a Board member.

Guild members demonstrate textile arts at many events throughout the year locally and regionally. The Guild also has many activities during the year such as weekly open studio; monthly fiber arts study groups; periodic classes, workshops, and demonstrations; spin-ins; potlucks; holiday open house; board meetings; and monthly lunches at local eateries.

The Guild purchases many books, videos, and periodicals, including Spin Off, Weavers, and Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot. These reference materials are kept at the studio and are available for all members to check out.

The Guild’s newsletter, Rovings, Ravelings, and Thrums, is published year round to keep members up to date on workshops, upcoming events, and items of interest.

The Board holds meetings once a month at the studio in downtown Idaho Falls. All Guild members are welcome and encouraged to attend Board meetings. Please consult the newsletter for dates, times, and locations of the Board meetings, as well as other Guild functions.

Thanks to donations, fundraisers, and grants over the years, the Guild has a large assortment of equipment available for Guild members to rent. The proceeds from the rental of equipment goes toward the rental of the studio and costs associated with running the Guild. Donations for the use of other equipment are always greatly appreciated.