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Beaded Purse Class with Barb Bradley

Join us Saturday, March 18, 2017, at the Guild Studio for a class on how to make a beaded purse. This class will be taught by Barb Bradley. Please buy your supplies ahead of time, and contact Barb for instructions on how to string beads in advance of the class. Bring a lunch, the Guild Studio has a microwave if needed.

Materials needed:

1 pair size 0000 knitting needles (Yarn Barn sells a set of 5 made by Hiya Hiya for $9),

5 strands of size 11 seed beads,

1 ball #8 pearl cotton (available locally at Porter’s, etc.),

Assorted glass beads for embellishment.

Class fee: $20

Barb has a limited number of needles available for purchase, and will place a bulk order if notified in advance. RSVP as soon as possible to Barb at 523-8160 or barbbrad@cableone.net.

A note from Barb:
You will need size 0000 double pointed steel knitting needles, and you will need to call me for instructions on how to thread the beads on the pearl cotton. Joann’s on-line has the needles for $9.00 for five needles plus shipping.  I have 3 pair left for sale. I will order if I am told in time to order. The ones I have I will sell for $4.50, I if have to order they will be $6.00. So if you are going to take the class please call me, so you won’t spend time on stringing your beads and get right to the knitting!

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